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This Page Will Provide Links To Appropriate Government Links and

Other Non Profit Efforts Aiding In The Search For Missing Persons

( See Below For Canadian Government Links )

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Safe Canada has been recently decommissioned by the Canadian Federal Government  

All links below are now inactive but from this former page copied from their site you may be able to search for assistance by the names on the former links.

We will be searching and working on providing new links

The content below has been provided for a Non Commercial  purpose to assist families in 

finding resources and services to assist in locating their missing loved ones.

The content from url  http://www.safecanada.ca/link_e.asp?category=4&topic=201

has been copied and provided on this page .

The content or logos below do not suggest any involvement with our website and has been copied and provided to aid in the goal of simplifying the challenges of families in their searches.

For the most up to date material provided by www.safecanada.ca please click on the link above .

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