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This site was created overnight back in early January of 2010 when through a social network someone reached out and asked for help on the disappearance of Carlene Walters in Regina ; Saskatchewan .Canada .They told me about the Facebook connection and the support page which I checked out .After seeing the initial stages of everyone trying   to communicate by trying to send emails with pictures or posters of Carlene and hearing of people trying to open files with different software or had to wait for emails or people to respond to their request of a poster which was already 1000's of people wanting to help out ; a light came on and a thought that a central web presence would help where people can print or find out more .As it would be easier to share a web link or an address than anything else but at the same time bringing networks of people together to share the appropriate information.

As the weeks went by and the volume of traffic increased to unexpected numbers we added more features thinking that this traffic would also aid visual advertising support for charities. Then requests came in from within the existing network to help out on other Missing Persons cases. So the doors were then opened to everyone that has a need for the service . During this initial 3 months we had reached over 8000 unique visitors with over 50,000 hits from their repeat visits and now through the connection with Facebook those repeat readers are able to assist in all the Missing Persons Cases here as the daily traffic increases exposing the posters to more than just each missing persons Facebook Page but instead to the 10 's of thousands of those who also support other missing persons Facebook Pages. Bringing all missing persons support pages together helping each other.

So this website has just recently connected to Facebook as well to help generate the traffic for all those individual Facebook missing person support pages. Share the link as it will attract more people from other networks to see the posters and flyers and pictures of all those that we advertise as missing as well as first time viewers that can advertise to their networks as well. You now have the 'Power of the Web ' as well as the 'Power of Word of Mouth Advertising ' to help find your friend or family member.

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Missing Persons Alert acts like a hub or central base for those with missing loved ones by providing on line tools to aid in communicating within your own personal network of contacts. By connecting with Missing Persons Alert you now have the capability of bringing your network within the network of every one else including  those helping search for other missing persons. Through brand awareness of the HELP Logo people will be inclined to look and check out the website you have  chosen to join or like.

Our goal is to bring as many networks together as possible so that not just your network is searching for your missing individual but instead all networks are  aware and helping on everyone's missing individual. 1000's of people on our site   and the ones you newly introduce are standing by to assist with their eyes and  voices and sharing their networks of contacts to spread the word.

This website at this time is a non commercial website and is privately supported  to aid the families and friends of missing persons . People have offered donations towards the website and it's efforts but they are graciously declined . Your participation in helping search for the missing listed on this site is the only donation that is asked.   As well as your support to the charities advertised that generates an income for the charities . www.MissingPersonsAlert.org receives no income from any of the ads advertised on this site .

This site is dedicated to the memory of Carlene Walters of Regina , Saskatchewan who was found on March 31 ,2010 who through her disappearance generated the need for this site. 

This site as it grows will have more and more features added that are planned with time allowing as well as reviewed along the way as to what can serve the situation best .

Thank You For Your Support From The Families and Friends Of The Missing .


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